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Camelidynamics Training

Pricing: Let me teach you the method! The training is free!
Call for Details: 509-378-6909 - Nikki

Service Description

Do your alpacas or llamas need help learning how to respond to you? Nikki Griffith, of Sandollar Farms & Alpacas, is a Senior Camelidynamics Consultant and Practitioner in Marty McGee Bennett's Camelidynamics program.

The hallmarks of Camelidynamics are safety (for both the handler and the alpaca), respect, and fun. Nikki provides a free one on one handling experience for all customers of Sandollar Alpacas. Nikki also offers a private 1-hour training class in the art of handling your alpacas; call to schedule your appointment today. Nikki can be reached at 509-378-6909 today!

Terms of Service

Thinking about showing one of your alpacas, but you never have? Let me teach you! Alternatively, you can leave your alpacas in my care for 30 days of training for $125 per alpaca. Let your alpaca shine in the showring!